• Introducing LUMINNO™ GlowaSwitch™

    Luminescent Insulating Light Switch Plates

    Easily locate light switches in total darkness.

    Invented to make nighttime safer for children, the elderly, guests, everyone!

    No electricity, no wiring, no bulbs, ZERO cost of ownership.

  • The light switch plate reinvented

    Patents: US 8770,424, US D476,549

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  • Benefits

    Unique benefits of LUMINNO GlowaSwitch

    Find Switches

    Quickly, safely, and easily locate light switches in the dark


    Charges whenever exposed to light for lasting glow when dark

    High Visiblity

    Bright glow is visible from afar at any angle due to convex design


    Switches are often by doorways so it's an orientation aid


    Fire retardant foam gasket seals switch hole to save energy

    Optimized Glow

    White foam gasket also reflects light to enhance glow effect and performance

    Easy to Install

    No cumbersome wiring, no bulbs, and no electricity needed

    Overnight Glow

    Premium luminescent plastic material glows overnight

    Lasting Value

    Provides safety and convenience for many years to come

    Zero Cost to Own

    No electricity means zero cost of ownership no matter how many are installed.

  • LUMINNO GlowaSwitch Versions

    GlowaSwitch is available in 2 versions to cover standard Toggle or Rocker light switches



    LUMINNO GlowaSwitch Dimensions

    4.51" (114.5 mm)  X 3.21" (81.5 mm) X 0.29" (7.25 mm)



    GlowaSwitch Replaces These Switch Plates Commonly used in USA & Canada



    LUMINNO GlowaSwitch Parts

    GlowaSwitch parts: Glow-in-the-dark switch plate, fire retardant foam seal, and mounting screws

    (light switches not included)



    LUMINNO's High Performance Supercharging Luminescent Material

    GlowaSwitch is made from a custom formulated, long-persistence luminescent plastic that glows overnight

  • The ultimate light switch plate

    Illuminate, locate, insulate

  • LUMINNO™ GlowaSwitch™ Luminescent Light Switch Plates are PATENTED glow-in-the-dark insulating switch plates that make locating light switches in total darkness easy while also sealing wall switch holes from air leaks to conserve energy.

    Key features of Luminno GlowaSwitch

    Works with Standard Toggle and Rocker Light Switches as well as Decorator Outlets

    GlowaSwitch Luminescent Light Switch Plates are available in single 1-Pack or 3-Pack varieties with your choice of Standard Toggle or Decorator Rocker styles.

    Superior Glow

    GlowaSwitch is made with a state of the art luminescent plastic that glows over 10x brighter and lasts over 10x longer than traditional glow-in-the-dark materials to help you find light switches in total darkness overnight.


    Note: Must be installed in areas that see some light everyday to charge and is not intended for use with Illuminated light switches.

    Purpose-built Design

    Designed with a substantially convex shape, GlowaSwitch accepts charging light from all directions in front of a wall and when dark, emits a soft, pleasant, and lasting glow that's highly visible from afar and from any vantage point in a room or hallway.

    Multi-Function Seal

    A clever and brilliantly simple use of a versatile fire retardant foam gasket seals the wall switch hole from air leaks to save energy in heating or cooling. Situated behind the translucent plate, the white foam not only serves as an opaque backing but also reflects light back outward to further optimize glow performance by charging the plate from behind (2-way charging)

    Easy Installation

    No wiring, no bulbs, no electricity needed. To install, we recommend that you first turn off the power at the circuit breaker or FUSE Box to the light switch, remove any existing light switch plate, mount the white foam sealer over the light switch and then attach the GlowaSwitch switch plate with a standard screwdriver using the 2 screws included. That's it!

    Patented Innovation

    GlowaSwitch has been granted both Utility and Design patents by the US Patent and Trademark Office and is a long overdue improvement OF the ubiquitous light switch plate which hasn't seen much meaningful functional innovation in OVER a century of existence.



    US 8770,424

    US D476,549

    Award Winning Design

    LUMINNO GlowaSwitch won 1st PRize GOLD at the 11th IDA International Design Awards.


    GlowasWITCH was selected FROM over 3,100 designs submitted by companies and designers from 95 countries. Cutting-edge designs and innovative products from around the world vied for the top prizes in this prestigious award, which, in recent years, has risen to become one of the leading design awards in America.

  • Brilliantly simple

    No wiring, no bulbs, no electricity needed

  • "Received mine yesterday and installed immediately. They look great and were still glowing brightly when I got up in the am after 6 hours without light. Remarkable! Thanks for the great product!"

    - Elliot H., Kickstarter Superbacker

    December 17, 2016


    "The light switch plates got here and the kids are having a blast with them! They look really good! They're really cool. I think you got a hit here! It's awesome for when I wake up from sleep and can see the light switch. Going to put one in the bathroom."

    - Mike F., Kickstarter Backer

    December 18, 2016

    "Five Stars! Easy to install and glow without any problem.

    Very nice product."

    - Patrick S., Kickstarter Superbacker

    March 9, 2017

    "Thanks! I got the glow light switch covers, AWESOME!"

    Jerre M., Kickstarter Backer

    December 20, 2016

    "When I first received the light switch plates, I was a little concerned because my bedroom did not receive natural light. After a few days the glow was exactly what I expected, I could see the light switch plate to turn on the light for late night bathroom trips. I plan to install in my second home​."

    - Lowell I., Kickstarter Backer

    January 9, 2017

    "Excellent product! Good design. The Luminno Light Switch Plates are well designed and attractive. They look great during the day and then glow all night. When I get up early in the morning after 8 hours of darkness they still glow brightly. Remarkable! My 5-year old asked me to put one in her room and she finds it comforting to see the light switch in the dark."

    - Dr. Elliott

    March 8, 2017

    "This glows great!"

    - Joseph R., Kickstarter Backer

    December 16, 2016

    "These plates offer high visibility with zero electricity input. A boon for pathfinding after hours."

    - Derek M., Treehugger.com

    October 5, 2016

    "Perfect for children who are afraid of the dark."

    - Mishal O., Trend Hunter

    August 9, 2016

    "A fantastic concept."

    - Happy J., HomeCrux.com

    August 10, 2016


    "Wow that's awesome!"

    - Gadget Flow

    "The most significant innovation made to the common ubiquitous light switch plate in over a century."

    - Create WFU

    "A great product!"

    - InnovationTop.com

    "Now this is a project we can get behind. Simple, clever and inexpensive!"

    - Palo Alto Innovation

    "I'd buy those in a New York minute. I use luminescent tape on switchplates, it's clunky."

    - @bookofjoe, twitter

    "It's genius and I love the execution."

    - Jonathan N., Crowdfunding Cast Podcast

    August 23, 2016

    "It's a No-Brainer! Why hasn't somebody already brought this to market? Not only are they perfect for your home but a useful gift to give others."

    - Robert B., InventionStories.com

    October 9, 2016

    "Why aren't all light switch plates like this?"

    - John L., Kickstarter backer

    April 19, 2017

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    What's happening at LUMINNO and what people are saying

    LUMINNO to Present GlowaSwitch at Target OpenHouse with SFHSM

    Dec. 13, 2018


    LUMINNO will demo GlowaSwitch at Target Openhouse, Target's smart home products showcase.

    LUMINNO Wins 1st Prize GOLD at IDA Design Awards

    May 22, 2018


    GlowaSwitch wins 1st Prize GOLD at 11th IDA International Design Awards in Illumination Category.

    LUMINNO Vendor at Stanford University Assistive Tech Faire

    March 1, 2018


    GlowaSwitch demos as vendor at 6th Annual Assistive Technology Faire held at Stanford University.

    LUMINNO Demoed at Kickstarter Sponsored Meetup

    June 21, 2017


    GlowaSwitch demoed at SF Hardware Startup Meetup Event sponsored by Kickstarter at HAX

    LUMINNO Demos at Google LaunchPad Startup Space SF!

    April 10, 2017


    LUMINNO's David Shaw demoed GlowaSwitch at Google Launchpad Startup Space in San Francisco.

    LUMINNO to Exhibit at SEEDJAM Tech Expo

    April 5, 2017


    LUMINNO to exhibit at UC Berkeley's SEEDJAM Tech Expo featuring innovative startups!

    LUMINNO Joins Amazon Launchpad Program

    March 31, 2017


    GlowaSwitch accepted into Amazon's Launchpad program featuring innovative startups!

    LUMINNO Demo at HAX Hardware Accelerator

    March 30, 2017


    GlowaSwitch demoed at largest hardware accelerator, HAX with the SF Hardware Meetup Group

    LUMINNO GlowaSwitch Now Distributed Globally by Amazon

    February 9, 2017


    GlowaSwitch sold and shipped by Amazon! http://amzn.to/2kvxV2x

    LUMINNO Kickstarter Campaign Ended at 135% Funded

    November 12, 2016


    LUMINNO's crowdfunding campaign reached 135% funded!

    GlowaSwitch Demo at Highway1 Hardware Accelerator

    October 25, 2016


    GlowaSwitch demoed at premier hardware accelerator Highway1

    LUMINNO GlowaSwitch 5-Stars Editor's Choice on Gadget Flow

    October 19, 2016


    GlowaSwitch an Editor's Choice on The Gadget Flow

    GlowaSwitch Successfully funded on Kickstarter!

    Oct 18, 2016


    GlowaSwitch passed the 100% funded mark on Kickstarter in just 2 weeks!

    LUMINNO Featured in Invention Stories: Tales from the Inventor Blog

    October 9, 2016


    Read more:


    GlowaSwitch is BackerClub Approved

    October 7, 2016


    GlowaSwitch now a featured Kickstarter campaign on super-backer site BackerClub.Co

    GlowaSwitch featured on TreeHugger.com

    October 5, 2016


    These luminescent switch plates aim to reinvent light switches.


    GlowaSwitch Launched on Kickstarter

    October 4, 2016


    LUMINNO GlowaSwitch - The light switch plate re-invented, launched on Kickstarter.com

    LUMINNO's David Shaw Presents at Indiegogo HQ

    August 25, 2016


    Watch video (28:30 min. mark):


    LUMINNO's David Shaw Interviewed on Crowdfunding Cast

    August 22, 2016


    Listen to podcast:



    GlowaSwitch "a fantastic concept" says Home Crux

    August 11, 2016


    Read more:


    LUMINNO's David Shaw interviewed by CreateWFU

    August 11, 2016


    Read more:


    GlowaSwitch featured on Searchhub.com

    August 10, 2016


    Read more:


    GlowaSwitch a "great product" says InnovationTop

    August 10, 2016


    Read more:


    GlowaSwitch is a "Must See" on Trendhunter

    August 10, 2016


    Read more:


    GlowaSwitch Demo at Runway SF

    July 28, 2016


    GlowaSwitch demoed at Runway Incubator SF.


    LUMINNO GlowaSwitch Utility Patent Issued

    July 8, 2014


    GlowaSwitch granted US Utility Patent by USPTO.

    LUMINNO GlowaSwitch Design Patent Issued

    July 1, 2003


    GlowaSwitch granted US Design Patent by USPTO.

  • About Us

    LUMINNO™ GlowaSwitch™ was created by the award-winning San Francisco, California-based industrial design consultancy, Metaform Product Development.


    LUMINNO is Metaform's own brand of quality decor, safety, and energy-saving wayfinding products combining advanced luminescent technology with innovative design.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Answers to questions you might have

    What is LUMINNO GlowaSwitch?

    LUMINNO GlowaSwitch is a patented photoluminescent glow-in-the-dark light switch plate that also seals and insulates wall switch holes from air draft to conserve energy.

    Who's LUMINNO GlowaSwitch for?

    LUMINNO GlowaSwitch was invented to benefit anyone who uses standard non-illuminated toggle and rocker light switches (the kind without light bulbs in them) and looks for them in the dark. It's an easy to deploy and affordable safety and wayfinding aid for the elderly, children, almost everyone!

    Where is LUMINNO GlowaSwitch used?

    Use GlowaSwitch in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, guest room, hallways, and more...

    Perfect for homes, apartments, hotels, even short-term AirBnB rentals! GlowaSwitch works best in places that see natural daylight during the day from a window or skylight and rooms that have lights turned on in the evenings. GlowaSwitch is not intended for rarely visited windowless basements or closets that rarely see any charging light.

    How long does the glow from GlowaSwitch last?

    LUMINNO GlowaSwitch's photoluminescent material can glow overnight, over 10+ hours, depending on how long it has been exposed to regular, periodic, natural or artificial light sources. In most rooms with windows or lights and lamps, GlowaSwitch will automatically charge itself during the course of a typical day or evening so you don't need to do anything else after installation to benefit from the safety and convenience of an automatic glow-in-the-dark light switch plate.

    Why is GlowaSwitch better?

    LUMINNO is better than normal light switch plates in that it solves the problem of finding the light switch to a bedroom, bathroom, hallway, stairwell, etc. in the dark without the need for any direct wiring, bulbs, or batteries. It also includes a custom-fitted fire retardant foam seal to minimize air draft and leakage in and out of the hole in the wall made for light switches.

    How does GlowaSwitch make things safer?

    GlowaSwitch makes finding light switches quick and easy, potentially preventing common night time injuries such as a stubbed toe or twisted ankle. Because light switches are often located near doors and entryways, GlowaSwitch switch plates can also serve as wayfinding beacons to help with orientation in total darkness.


    LUMINNO GlowaSwitch Luminescent Light Switch Plates do not require any wiring or electricity. The materials used to make it are non-flammable, non-radioactive, and non-toxic.

    What should I know about glow-in-the-dark plastic?

    Because photoluminescent materials require periodic exposure to light every day to charge, GlowaSwitch is not intended for areas that do not see any light at all for extended periods such as a rarely visited, dark, windowless basement or closet. GlowaSwitch is intended for rooms and hallways that regularly see either natural sunlight or artificial light during the course of a typical day or evening such as most bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms or hallways. Rooms with windows are especially good places to install GlowaSwitch switch plates.


    It's important to understand that the glow is most visible when it is totally dark, like when you wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom or kitchen with no other light source present or return to a dark home in the evening. The glow will not be visible in the presence of a strong light or ambient light nor does it need to be for a switch finding application because when there's other light present, you can see the light switch anyway. GlowaSwitch is not intended for use in conjunction with illuminated light switches that already have light bulbs embedded in them. That would not only be redundant, but a lit light switch would cancel out and diminish the visibility of the glow emitted by GlowaSwitch. If you immediately enter a dark room from sunlight or after staring at a bright TV, tablet, smart phone, or computer screen, you may not see the glow in its full brilliance until your eyes adjust to the change.


    The glow-in-the-dark plastic used in GlowaSwitch charges normally and is sufficiently visible after exposure to natural day time sunlight from a window that fills a room or artificial light when a electrical light is turned on but if "supercharges" and gets extremely bright when exposed to direct sunlight and UV black light. If curious or have a need for it to be super bright for some reason, shine a UV flashlight on it for a few seconds and see how powerful the glow gets. We have had especially good results using the uvBeast UV Blacklight Flashlight available on Amazon.com.

    Where do you currently ship to?

    LUMINNO products ship to United States of America and United States territories addresses serviced by the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) as well as Canada via USPS International / Canada Post.

    What's the warranty and return policy?

    We stand by the quality of our products. Every GlowaSwitch switch plate we ship has been carefully inspected prior to packaging. In the unlikely event you experience a problem, we have a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee starting from the date your LUMINNO products are delivered (according to USPS tracking information). Returns for refund for products purchased through LUMINNO.com are handled on a case by case basis and will usually require that you return all items in their original packaging. To request a refund and return your items, contact us first for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). If approved, we'll ask you to send the item(s) back to us. Unless defective, items that had shipping included or free shipping will have all shipping charges deducted from the refund or credit. To start the return process, please e-mail us with your contact information and reason for return: support@luminno.com


    For LUMINNO products sold and shipped by Amazon.com, please contact Amazon customer support instead.


    As of March 26, 2017, LUMINNO has only officially authorized Amazon.com to distribute its products through "Sold and shipped by Amazon." LUMINNO also sells on Amazon, eBay, and Etsy with "LUMINNO" as the seller name. Any other sellers anywhere else online or in physical retail stores are not authorized sellers and products purchased from unauthorized distributors or individuals will not receive official customer support from LUMINNO. We are not responsible for any losses due to purchase and use of products sold by unauthorized sellers.


    We will not accept returns nor provide refunds if we determine that the items are counterfeit, purchased through an unauthorized seller, or were misused or damaged due to abuse.


    To report unauthorized sellers or counterfeit products please email us at: info@luminno.com

    What was the inspiration for GlowaSwitch?

    The GlowaSwitch invention was literally inspired by "bumps in the night." Because the creator, industrial designer David Shaw, lives in the popular tourist destination city of San Francisco, he often hosted out of town visitors in his home and noticed many had trouble finding their way at night in the dark, unfamiliar surroundings. Guests would often bump into things looking for the light switch. David was also a caregiver for 3 elderly family members who would fumble and struggle to find the light switch when getting up to go to the bathroom or kitchen at night. GlowaSwitch makes finding light switches in the dark quicker, easier, and safer!

    Why the brand name LUMINNO?

    The brand name "LUMINNO" was derived from combining the words "luminescent" and "innovation" into one. Luminescent innovations are essentially bright ideas that lead to brilliant innovations.

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